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Taxco Sterling Silver Jewelry

NOVICA is proud to present a vast selection of genuine Taxco sterling silver jewelry from Mexico’s silver jewelry capital.

Popular Taxco Sterling Silver Jewelry

Taxco Sterling Silver Jewelry

Explore authentic styles and designs distinctive to ‘the silver capital of the world’ in our collection of Taxco sterling silver jewelry. This collection features artisans who emigrated from surrounding regions of Mexico and even areas of Europe to perfect their art, as well as those born into Taxco silver jewelry making culture. One such native Taxco artist is Citlal Castillo, who utilizes lost jewelry making techniques to preserve tradition. “My uncles were designers who worked with William Spratling, credited with establishing the town's first silver jewelry workshop in 1931,” Citlal explains. “And so I've been close to this wonderful craft all my life.” In her sterling silver Taxco bracelet, ‘Modern Accent’, serpents coiled into perfect circles symbolize Quetzalcoátl, one of the most important deities in the Aztec pantheon. He is regarded as the god of wind, dawn, merchants, arts, crafts, and knowledge. Find work from Citlal and other talented artisans in this collection of sterling silver jewelry from Taxco Mexico.