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Moonstone Pendants

Welcome to Novica's Moonstone Pendant Selection! Please take a moment to enjoy the unique beauty of our moonstone pendants below:

Popular Moonstone Pendants

The Moonstone Pendant

Novica's collection of moonstone pendants casts a spell of mystical elegance. Believed to be the gem of the Moon Goddess by some ancient cultures, in India, it was regarded as a dream stone said to bring beautiful visions. Set in silver, alone, or with colorful gems, a moonstone pendant continues to captivate.

Moonstone possesses a unique and colorful iridescence that is ideal for the unusual jewelry designs of Sunita. Featuring mystical fairies or spiraling geometries, the moonstone pendant is tantalizing.

A moonstone pendant in a silver cross necklace from India or Bali exudes arresting elegance. In a pearl charm bracelet or silver cuff bracelet, moonstone pendants offer a wealth of possibilities for you to create a personalized jewelry set.