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Citrine Necklaces

We hope you enjoy discovering the citrus-flavored beauty in NOVICA's collection of citrine necklaces, perfect as a gift or for you!

Popular Citrine Necklaces

Citrine Necklaces

NOVICA's collection of citrine necklaces and chokers was created to honor the unmistakable golden luster of the November birthstone. Fight off negativity with the sunniest gemstone of the bunch adorned around your neck at all times! We highlight handcrafted, cluster-beaded jewelry from Thailand, solitary citrine pendant necklaces from India, as well as citrine necklaces from Peru that captivate with modern flair. Sometimes seen as a symbol of success, a citrine heart pendant is a thoughtful and unique way to congratulate that special someone for her latest achievement. Paired with agate, quartz or pearls, citrus-colored jewelry provides a bright accent every time!