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Glass Choker Necklaces

A beautifully aged, one of a kind ocean treasure awaits your discovery in NOVICA’s collection of sea glass choker necklaces. Happy exploring!


Glass Choker Necklaces

Covet a mystifying piece of jewelry from NOVICA’s glass choker necklaces collection for an accessory certain to turn heads. What were once shards of broken bottle tactlessly littered into the sea by man, sea glass finds its way back upon the shores of Bali years later, opaque and blunted by the salty ocean currents and collected by artisans like Warren and Robbin who repurpose these unique treasures into stunning glass choker necklaces for you to wear. Your sea glass choker necklace will turn heads with its truly one of a kind appearance, as no two pieces are alike. Warren and Robbin explain how some of their finds derive from World War II sailors who, “tossed the empty bottles overboard, and the ocean polished the broken glass into pieces of real beauty, which we're recycling in this jewelry collection." Sea glass encased in a sterling silver choker necklace is an exceptional gift idea for an equally exceptional woman.