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Garnet Beaded Necklaces

Observe nature’s profound influence on this collection of fervent garnet beaded necklaces from NOVICA featuring artisans from India, Thailand, Brazil and beyond!

Popular Garnet Beaded Necklaces

Garnet Beaded Necklaces

Crimson dewdrops emerge along strands of pristine sterling silver and gold in this stunning collection of garnet beaded necklaces from NOVICA. Featured alone or in the company of other precious gemstones, garnet stands out for its enticing fiery glow. Thai artisan Nareerat’s flair for evoking ornate flowers takes form in her contribution to this collection of garnet necklaces, in which bright garnet and dyed quartz mingle with faceted beads on cerise vines wrapped in ribbons to create her ‘Burgundy Bouquet’ garnet bead necklace strand. For more subtle floral cues, Indian artisan Ritu uses natural garnet to suggest opulent garlands and frostbitten vines in her featured pieces in this collection.