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Sterling Silver Garnet Earrings

Artisans from every pocket of the earth lend their talents to NOVICA’s sterling silver garnet earrings collection, creating an unmatched selection of handmade regal jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Popular Sterling Silver Garnet Earrings

Sterling Silver Garnet Earrings

Garnet’s imperial allure originates from the Victorian Era. When contrasted against the cool tones in sterling silver, the dimly burning garnet ember is suddenly set aflame. NOVICA’s collection of handcrafted sterling silver garnet earrings captures this union of precious materials, offering an unparalleled selection of stunning jewelry from across the globe. A pair of sterling silver garnet stud earrings emits a graceful touch of sparkle. Enjoy many different styles of sterling silver garnet dangle earrings highlighting floral and heart-shaped themes, with a generous selection of modern options as well.